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BREAKING: Conmebol postpones the World Cup Qualifiers

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Due to pressure from European leagues, Conmebol decided to postpone the upcoming South American World Cup Qualifiers in March. 

Pressure was too much for Conmebol as they just ruled to postpone the South American World Cup Qualifiers. These games were set to take place during the last weeks of March in the FIFA international break. Due to the Covid-19 restrictions from countries like England, many players from South American countries weren’t allowed to travel to the other side of the world. Pep Guardiola recently warned he wouldn’t allow his players to leave the club with these restrictions.

Cut to today and Conmebol made a decision that is making all the headlines. They had a general meeting and ruled that the upcoming matches are set to be postponed to a later date. There’s hope that Covid restrictions diminish as the vaccines start rolling all over the continent, especially in Brazil with the new variant overcoming the population. 

There is still no date for these matches. 

This decision means that all the South American players who were set to travel at the end of next week, will get some rest. Another major game-changer like yesterday’s decision Portugal made to play their qualifiers at Allianz Stadium in Turin. Messi will also get proper rest for the final part of the season in European football, so will Neymar and other South American stars.

This is what Conmebol wrote on their official Twitter account: “The CONMEBOL council revolved to suspend the double Qualifier fixture for Qatar 2022 that was scheduled for March. This decision was taken due to the impossibility to count with all South American players in time and place for the games. FIFA will analyze the rescheduling of these fixtures alongside CONMEBOL and all the associate members. Soon, there will be different options studied for the realization of these matches.”