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Bale clears up Wales future plans in response to ‘stupid questions’

Gareth Bale - Wales
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Frustrated with incessant inquiries over his retirement plans, the Welshman had stormed off midway through his post-match interview.

Gareth Bale finally clears up on his future plans with Wales saying he intends to keep playing for his nation “until the day he stops playing football”.

Wales were expected to survive the group stages of Euro 2020 but not many expected them to progress any further.

The Dragons delivered up to the expectations as they failed to advance to the quarter-finals, however the embarrassing fashion in which they bowed out of the tournament – following a 4-0 defeat against Denmark – served as a source of surprise to fans and neutrals alike.

Bale had stated previously he would announce a final decision over retiring from international football after the European Championships.

While he chose to ignore the question last night, the Real Madrid forward has now provided a definitive answer.

“I want to continue to play,” Bale asserted, as The Guardian reports.

“People ask stupid questions all the time. I love playing for Wales. I will play for Wales until the day I stop playing football.

“We’ve just started the World Cup campaign. We were just saying in there now, we need to take this experience into the World Cup campaign.

“I feel like we have a very good way of playing when we play well. We just need to keep that confidence high, keep playing football and I think we can qualify for the next World Cup.”