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Zlatan reacts to his contract extension for AC Milan

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After signing a new contract for AC Milan, Zlatan Ibrahimovic reacted after making this decision as a professional footballer. 

It’s official, Zlatan Ibrahimovic just signed a new contract extension as an AC Milan player for one more season. The Swedish striker wanted to prove his level of performance at the highest level in Italian football after his MLS adventure. One season later, Ibra proved he is still playing at a level that can warrant him title opportunities. A staggering decision that will get him to play past 40 years of age, Ibra is a real trailblazer in his own sport. Only players like Gianluigi Buffon can see him eye to eye in this aspect.

In fact, there isn’t another offensive player in history who played at this level before Zlatan. Cristiano Ronaldo might get there but he isn’t 40 just yet, we’ll have to wait and see if he gets to Ibra’s level. AC Milan announced the new deal through their official website with this statement: “AC Milan has announced that the Club has extended Zlatan Ibrahimović’s contract. AC Milan is the Club for which Zlatan has played the most in Italy. After scoring 84 goals in 130 appearances with the Rossoneri, the Swedish striker will continue to be wearing the red and black jersey next season.”

Zlatan’s reaction to his new deal. 

We previously reported that Zlatan was about to sign a new deal for one more season as a Milan player. After the announcement, Ibra posted a picture on his social media with the following caption: “The saga continues.” This means that the Sweden international is highly motivated to keep going and remain amongst the elite players in Europe.

He will be especially thrilled to continue playing this summer as the Euros approach and he gets a chance to represent Sweden one more time. It’s still unclear if Zlatan will continue playing until the FIFA World Cup in 2022. But we have a feeling Ibra will keep this going until he can truly play no more.