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Zidane talks about his immediate future at Real Madrid

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Ahead of a crucial game for Real Madrid against Sevilla, Zinedine Zidane finally opened up about his immediate future at the club. 

Everybody wants to know what Zinedine Zidane will do about his future at Real Madrid but he’s been coy until today. The first time he left, ‘Zizou’ didn’t make things difficult for Los Blancos. We are talking about a man who loves his football club and wouldn’t do anything to hurt it. After making his decision to leave in 2018, Zidane gave up on a massive paycheck as a gesture of goodwill.

Something very similar would happen today if he decided to leave after the end of the current season. The vast majority thinks Zidane is a little burned out due to all the pressure he gets on a daily basis. In today’s press conference, he already spoke about Eden Hazard’s future but he also discussed his own. He was pretty clear about what might happen and hinted at his possible exit from the club. 

Zidane won’t make things difficult for Madrid.

As per Diario AS, this is what Zidane said: “We are going to finish the season first. All I can say is that I will make things pretty easy for the club, always. Because they’ve always given me everything. I won’t make it difficult. But we are all focused in those four matches, we need to end the season in the best possible manner. That’s a topic that truly motivates me. The rest is all blah blah blah. Criticism doesn’t hurt me. Everybody has to do their job.

“I don’t think about the ones who criticize me. All I do is try to do my job with my passion and my players. That’s what it’s all about. I’m the one responsible for it. All the responsibility falls on me when the team wins or loses. The players want to win and that’s what we always try. You can’t always win but that’s part of football. What matters is to give our all and then we get the consequences. We only care about giving 100%. Work and keep trying. I’m focused on that. My father always told me to work, work, work. The rest is all blah, blah, blah.”