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Zidane refuses to blame anybody for Sergio Ramos’ injury

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Even though he picked up an injury during the break, Zidane refuses to blame anybody for Sergio Ramos’ latest setback in Spain. 

Sergio Ramos decided he wanted to play for Spain during the international break and Zidane allowed this to happen. If the French manager thought it could be a good idea, it also means he believed Ramos was in top shape for it. After coming back from a long recovery period after a surgery, Sergio Ramos took a little while to get back to form. Every time a player comes back from these types of problems, they often suffer other muscular issues due to their inactivity.

In Ramos’ case, the press believes he shouldn’t have played as much as he did for Spain. As a result, he fell injured with a calf issue that will keep him out of the game for at least a month. The Real Madrid doctors are even saying he might be out of the game until the month of May. He is also set to miss the most important part of the season but Zidane refuses to blame anybody. 

‘Zizou’ the diplomat. 

As an attempt to get something controversial out of him, the press asked Zidane who was to blame for Sergio Ramos’ latest injury setback. This is what he responded via the club’s website: “He was fine to go with Spain. It’s true he didn’t play with us just before the break, but there were three or four days after that and he felt better and went with his country. I think that was normal. He was select-able.

“He played a little and then he felt something, a small injury. Nobody is to blame. Not the national team, nor Real Madrid. Things like this have happened a lot for us and for other teams this season. Injuries are a part of football that we don’t like, but they happen. But, nobody is to blame here. We just want Sergio to recover as soon as possible, knowing the player and captain he is. He wants to play.”