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Sergio Ramos’ injury will keep him out for a month

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Sergio Ramos has been accused of forcing his way back to the national team and picking up an unnecessary injury. He’s out for a month. 

After the news of Sergio Ramos’ latest injury setback, the Real Madrid defender finally opened up about the whole situation. Having all the press from Madrid against him for not clarifying his future is not enough. Now he appears to like the idea of the entire Spanish press coming after him at every chance they get. As the pressure kept rising, the player had to come out to defend his actions.

If you didn’t know, Sergio Ramos only played seven minutes in last Wednesday’s match against Kosovo for the sake of a personal record. Nobody understood why he played only that long and the result was this fresh muscular injury. When he was asked about his future and the reason behind this decision, he only said that Luis Enrique made the call. 

Real Madrid didn’t like Ramos’ decision. 

In the latest report, Sergio Ramos’ actions were not well-received by president Florentino Perez. This might be the last straw in their particular battle for a new contract extension, one that the player might’ve lost. If the reports are true, he will miss the most important part of the season for Real Madrid.

Not only both matches against Liverpool, but also El Clasico against FC Barcelona. It’s very possible that Sergio’s time as a Real Madrid player might be coming to an end this summer. All due to a stupid decision he should’ve meditated further. After today’s events, keep an eye out for offers coming from PSG, Juventus, or another club from the Premier League.