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Why are green kits banned in Serie A from 2022/23 onwards?

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A bizarre new rule in Serie A prohibits teams from wearing green kits from the 2022/23 season onwards.

Television companies are reportedly behind the new Serie A rule that bans teams from wearing green kits to increase the visibility of players out on the pitch.

This new regulation comes into effect from the 2022/23 campaign onwards. Teams have to obey it, even for socks and shorts. If over three colors are used in a kit, they must insert a dominant color across the shirt, shorts, and socks.

According to Football Italia, television companies are concerned that the green kits are too similar to the color of the pitch. The outfield players, therefore, could blend in with the background. This could make it difficult for TV viewers to watch, especially if anyone is colorblind.

Which teams are affected most by this rule change?

The biggest victims are Sassuolo. The team, nicknamed ‘The Black and Greens’, uses a mixture of black and green in the home kits. The club’s badge is almost made up of those two colors as well.

Lazio, on the other hand, used a neon green jersey in their away kit last season, while Atalanta used a Christmas Tree shirt.