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We finally know Laporta’s concrete offer for Leo Messi

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Even though we already knew about Joan Laporta’s intentions with Leo Messi, we didn’t know about the concrete offer until today. 

Joan Laporta’s biggest challenge is to convince Leo Messi that staying in Barcelona is the best decision for his career. The current president knew this was one of the main objectives as soon as he took control of the club. Previously, we told you that his intention was to cut Leo’s salary in half with the goal of trying to sign a new world-class player. But we still had no idea how many years he would offer the Argentine.

As per ESPN, the report suggests that Laporta will make a two-year contract extension offer with a one-year option to extend even further. Initially, the plan is to ask Leo to get an even greater salary reduction apart from the already established 50% cut that doesn’t change. Due to the pandemic, all players will also cut their salary by 20% and this includes Leo Messi’s new contract. However, the club promised to return this money as the years go by for each star. 

How certain is Messi’s permanence in Barcelona? 

As of right now, there is a great feeling between the player and Joan Laporta for a possibility to stay. Winning the Copa del Rey final gave the Argentine a much needed confidence boost that puts him in a great place. Having recent silverware to show off is a major point in the club’s favor. We all know that Leo values his time in Barcelona above anything else.

He did come to the Catalan city when he was just a kid and became one more citizen here. His kids were all born in Barcelona and his life is perfect exactly where it is. There is still a good chance that Leo will live the remains of his career as a Blaugrana player and then go to another club for a retirement tour. But Laporta still needs to get that signature. Chances are he will agree to a new deal, it’s only a matter of time.