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Wayne Rooney ‘angry’ after a visit by coronavirus-infected friend

Wayne Rooney
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Wayne Rooney is embroiled in a coronavirus situation after a friend, who visited him recently, tested positive for the disease.

The Sun newspaper reported that Rooney was ‘seething’ after Josh Bardsley, an entrepreneur and friend of the striker’s, visited his home on Thursday to give him a luxury watch.

It turns out Bardsley had been tested for coronavirus and should’ve been in isolation as per the health regulations. He didn’t, however, and his test results returned positive afterward.

Rooney, who wasn’t aware of Bardsley’s condition, later played the full match of Derby County’s 1-0 defeat to Watford in the Championship on Friday.

Now a spokesperson for the former Manchester United and England captain has confirmed his predicament.

“Wayne was not told by Josh or anyone else before or during that visit that Josh had been told to take a coronavirus test,” the spokesperson confirmed to Sky Sports.

“Had he known Josh had been contacted by Track and Trace or had tested positive he would have refused to have seen him.

“Wayne is angry and disappointed that he, his family and his club have been put in this position by someone acting secretly and in breach of government and NHS guidelines. He is now taking a coronavirus test as a result of his contact with Josh.”

Government protocols in England dictate that a coronavirus-infected person must self-isolate for 14 days.

Rooney’s club, Derby, have acknowledged the reports and plan to follow the guidelines. It’s likely the entire Watford squad will be subject to further tests as well.