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VIDEO: The Arsene Wenger documentary gets a thrilling trailer

Arsene Wenger - Arsenal
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Known as ‘Arsene Wenger: Invincible’, the former Arsenal manager’s new documentary is soon to release and it just got a great trailer. 


Arsene Wenger just got the documentary treatment, we just got word of the new trailer that should get all Arsenal supporters excited. The French manager has a long history with the Gunners that lasted over two decades. Without a doubt, his greatest achievement can definitely be regarded as one of the most incredible feats in football history. As the Arsenal manager, Wenger managed to convince his roster they were capable of winning an entire Premier League season without losing a single match.

To those who know the England top-tier division, you know it’s arguably the most competitive league tournament in the world. Winning an entire season without losing a single game has only been done once in the Premier League era by Wenger’s ‘Invincibles’. The entire documentary has cameos of key players and managers who were at the center of Arsene Wenger’s story. His special relationship with Sir Alex Ferguson is definitely featured in this piece. Both managers lived through one of the greatest rivalries of our era and there were some intense moments that will never be forgotten. 

When is the documentary out? 

According to the official Arsenal website, this documentary is set to release in theatres on November 11 all over the UK. However, there is still no release date for the Americas but it will likely release on streaming after the theatre release. It will be interesting to watch how the man himself lived through the entire process of that Invincibles run. We have seen other documentaries such as the one made about Thierry Henry from his perspective.


But we hadn’t seen the manager’s journey until now. Wenger is enjoying retirement right now and it’s highly unlikely he will ever coach again. Regardless, he is still very much inside the Arsenal supporters’ memories. Also, the Frenchman will remain as the first coach who led a football club to an unbeaten season in Premier League history. Wenger deserves all the praise that’s coming his way when this documentary is released.