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VIDEO: Raging Pepe pushes his own teammate after heated argument

Real Madrid v Barcelona - UEFA Champions League Semi Final
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Porto captain Pepe had a serious altercation with his teammate Mamadou Loum on the pitch after the final whistle.

Some things never change, do they? Pepe may have left Real Madrid more than three years ago, but it looks like his bad temper hasn’t changed one bit. Porto faced Farense this Monday night as they attempted to secure second place in the Portuguese league. Although it was a tough match for the Portistas, the current champions managed to win 1-0 against the southern club.

During the game, Pepe called out one of his teammates several times since the defender was unhappy with the player’s performance. However, it was a fairly natural situation as Pepe is Porto’s captain and is expected to assert his leadership.

Nevertheless, it looks like his remarks didn’t please the player at all. Mamadou Loum was visibly upset after the final whistle and his mood didn’t improve as Pepe approached him. The Portugal international tried to greet Loum at the end of the game but was surprised as Loum didn’t exactly greet him back.

Although it is unclear what exact words the 24-year-old told Pepe, they were clearly enough to set him off. The veteran defender, known for his short temper, immediately lashed out at his teammate. In fact, Pepe repeatedly pushed Loum and even tried to punch him in the throat.

The altercation carried on into the team’s locker room.

Moreover, the former Real Madrid man had to be driven away by the match referee and some other teammates who feared the situation might escalate even further. Although Loum didn’t react at first, the player was seen running towards the locker room shortly after. In fact, a video shows several members of Porto’s squad quickly chasing Loum, which implied the brawl was far from being over.

Despite this, Porto’s manager Sergio Conceicao was quick to dismiss the rumors that the players were still brawling.

“It’s not a pretty situation but it happens in football as you know,” said Conceicao. “But I am here with our workgroup to sort out the situation that is pretty much solved already, there is no issue at all. I’d rather it didn’t happen but it’s a part of football.”

Additionally, Mamadou Loum himself posted a message on social media apologizing for his behavior on the pitch. On the other hand, Pepe hasn’t reacted to the incident as of this moment.

“I’d like to apologize to all Porto fans for the unfortunate incident that happened tonight. That should never have happened. Pepe is an older brother and I’ve learned much from him.”

Check-out below the altercation that almost had two teammates fighting each other on the pitch.