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VIDEO: Luis Suarez reaches another historic La Liga record

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With his new goal against Celta de Vigo, Luis Suarez reached another historic La Liga record as an Atletico Madrid player this evening. 

Luis Suarez already reached his 200 goals in Spanish football, but today he reached a very important La Liga milestone. It happened against Celta de Vigo in Balaidos, a game won by Atletico Madrid with his goal and another from Carrasco. Diego Simeone’s players get a much-needed win during a complicated start of the season.

Today’s great milestone was reached by Luis Suarez, who scored his third official goal as a Colchonero after an assist from Manu Sanchez. ‘Lucho’ scored a classic center-forward goal as he expected Sanchez’s cross from the left in order to finish a clean collective effort. The goal came early during the first half, which was perfect for ‘Cholo’ Simeone’s intentions. Games in which his side gets an early advantage tend to leave Atletico a chance to manage the rest of the 90 minutes.

A defensive game came after Suarez’s goal, just as we expected. The second goal came near the end of the match after a potent Joao Felix shot that hit the crossbar and Carrasco pushed to the back of the net. But the most important moment of the game was Luis Suarez’s achievement. 

Better than Messi, less than Ronaldo. 

With this goal against Celta, Luis Suarez reached an impressive 150 La Liga goals since he arrived from Liverpool in 2014. It all started with that goal he scored against Real Madrid during El Clasico. But more impressive is the time it took ‘Lucho’ to reach this number of goals, he has better stats than Leo Messi.

The Barcelona star needed 203 games in order to reach 150 goals during his run in La Liga. Suarez made it happen in 195 matches. Uruguay’s historic striker only falls behind Cristiano Ronaldo’s unreal 140 caps to reach the same number of goals in the Spanish La Liga.

This is a testament to how impressive Luis Suarez’s presence has been for La Liga over these years. But also proof that Cristiano Ronaldo’s snub in the all-time list of players in the tournament was completely unfair.