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VIDEO: FC Barcelona gets a massive injury boost for next week

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Ahead of next week’s activity, FC Barcelona just showcased a massive injury boost through a video posted on their social media accounts. 

FC Barcelona supporters should rejoice with the return of a player who hasn’t had the chance to make his debut this season. It’s been a long rollercoaster ride for him since the summer transfer window started. We are obviously talking about Sergio Aguero, who arrived on a free transfer from Manchester City. After making history in the Premier League, ‘Kun’ decided to return to the Spanish La Liga with the plan to play alongside Leo Messi. His decision didn’t go according to plan, you might say.

But Leo’s absence won’t stop him from trying to succeed at FC Barcelona when he returns from the injury he suffered. At the start of the training camp, Aguero got an important calf injury that has kept him away from the pitch for nearly four months. He was scheduled to return to training during the month of October, which just happened earlier today as the club reported. Aguero can finally say he is getting into the final stage of his long recovery in order to help the squad. 

Ronald Koeman will bring Aguero back slowly. 

Judging how important Sergio Aguero’s return is for FC Barcelona this season, the manager will do this carefully. Just as he’s done with Ansu Fati so far, Ronald Koeman will likely offer ‘Kun’ a few minutes on the day he returns. It’s still unclear how much longer he will have to train in order to get back to full shape. In the video published by the club’s communications team, Sergio can be spotted already touching the ball.

His evolution will dictate how soon he will return to activity. It’s unlikely Sergio will return as soon as the international break is over. But he is getting much closer to the much-needed debut that everybody at FC Barcelona has been anticipating. This doesn’t mean FC Barcelona’s problems will disappear. Sergio Aguero can help the squad improve but their issues are far deeper than just one key player missing from the lineup.