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FC Barcelona’s plan to recover from their alarming economic situation

Joan Laporta, FC Barcelona
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After the scheduled ‘Due Diligence’ at FC Barcelona on Wednesday, we know the exact economic situation that the club is going through. 


There’s no easy way to explain FC Barcelona’s economic situation after their scheduled ‘Due Diligence’ from Wednesday afternoon. It has been a rough couple of years for the Catalan club after Josep Maria Bartomeu made a series of decisions that left the club in complete bankruptcy. Let’s begin with what president Laporta already started fixing at the club: the unusually high salary cap. Over the last four years, the Catalan club paid a raw estimate of €1,4 billion for the salary of only four players.

Those footballers are Leo Messi, Antoine Griezmann, Phil Coutinho, and Ousmane Dembele. Two of those players are already gone from the club, leaving was the best option if the club wanted to begin its recovery. Bartomeu agreed to pay these salaries in order to keep the squad relevant on the international stage. Although two of those players still remain on the club, Joan Laporta got rid of the two most expensive salaries last summer. Even with these massive cuts, the club still finished last season with a €482 million deficit. 

When will Barcelona recover from this situation? 

According to a report from Sport after the ‘Due Diligence’, FC Barcelona will only have around €20 million for transfers in the winter window. CEO Ferran Reverter was extremely pessimistic about the club’s chances to recover from this situation any time soon. He believes it will take the club around five years to return to optimal numbers. The biggest way in which they will slowly get back to their former pace will be through La Masia talent.


FC Barcelona’s football academy will be the biggest source of finding players who can take the club to new levels. For the next five seasons, the club won’t be able to spend as they used to in top quality players from other clubs. This means that the wish to sign Erling Haaland next summer will be next to impossible due to this situation. But at least they already know the full extent of the damage done by Bartomeu and his board of directors.