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Gerard Pique is going through issues with his Barcelona teammates

Gerard Pique - FC Barcelona
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According to a recent report, there are some important issues Gerard Pique is going through with his FC Barcelona teammates. 

Gerard Pique is widely recognized as one of the most loyal FC Barcelona players at the moment but not everything is perfect. In recent months, there have been some internal issues that many of his teammates are starting to notice. A report from Sport is suggesting several players within the squad are not happy with the privileged position in which Pique is placed right now. We all know how much the Catalan defender has influenced FC Barcelona’s economic decisions in recent years.

He is the one who helped the club strike a deal with Rakuten, who remained as the main sponsor for the club for years. His intentions to someday become the club’s president are also well-known inside the club. But some players are unhappy with how close he is with the president, according to this report. Back when Pique decided to lower his salary, players within the squad didn’t agree with his unilateral decision. It came out of nowhere and without previous notice to his teammates. Many of them didn’t like this because they felt forced to also relinquish a part of their salary. 

Koeman also has an issue with Gerard Pique. 

To those who didn’t know, Gerard Pique has an agency that represents the commercial interest of a few players in the squad. Both Riqui Puig and Samuel Umtiti have deals with the Catalan defender. This is considered a major problem for many inside the club, including Ronald Koeman. The Dutch manager doesn’t like this financial relationship Pique has with both players because he believes it compromises his position.

Also, the report confirms that the manager doesn’t trust Gerard Pique’s relationship with president Laporta. In the previous weeks, the defender’s public statements are not in line with what Koeman is trying to do with the squad. But then again, the Dutch manager’s defeatist attitude is widely rejected by fans and players alike. Gerard Pique’s statements have been directly aligned with what the people are demanding from the club on a daily basis. It’s a tough situation but there’s a feeling that somehow, Pique will always come out on top.