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Valverde vows to give his soul on the pitch for Real Madrid

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During an interview with the club, Fede Valverde revealed he loves making the maximum effort for his club’s colors and revealed his goals. 

After Real Madrid’s first victory of the season in La Liga, Federico Valverde was arguably the best player on the pitch. The Uruguay midfielder went through a small period of low performance after the quarantine. He received a lot of backlash for not living up to the expectations and he accepted his responsibility.

Fede turned up last weekend against Real Betis with a great performance that proved he is back to his best form. Now that he confirmed what he is about this season, the player wants to focus on further improvement. 

Valverde’s goals and role models at Real Madrid.

The young midfielder spoke to Real Madrid TV and gave us some insight into his personality.

“That’s the role of a central midfielder,” Valverde said on the interview.

“My job is to run until I can’t run anymore until my legs give way. That’s what I’ll always do.

“As time goes on, I’m correcting things because there are times when running for the sake of running isn’t worth it.”You have to make the right choices.”

“The boss is always telling me to get into the box when I win possession,” he added.

“He speaks well about the job we do to press the opponent. He asks me to liven up, to attack because I have the physical capability to do it, to break through the lines, and get forward.

“[Scoring goals] is really important. It’s not just down to the strikers to score goals. We have to help from midfield, just the defenders, in order for Real Madrid to win. That’s our job.”

“Kroos, Modric, and Casemiro bring so much to me,” the youngster continued.

“The competition we have is big, but it’s pretty amazing. That good wave makes us all improve. Any advice from any of them makes me improve a lot because they’re people that have won so much at the highest level.”