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Update on Manchester City’s interest in signing Jack Grealish

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With the start of August upon us, it’s time we give readers an update on Manchester City’s interest in signing Jack Grealish. 

It’s no secret that Jack Grealish is one of Manchester City’s most coveted targets for the current transfer window. The England international had a fantastic Euros participation and a brilliant season with modest Aston Villa. Pep Guardiola has been keeping track of him since he helped promote the ‘Villains’ to the Premier League over a year ago. In several interviews with the press, Guardiola always found time to praise Grealish for his talent. It was obvious that he would attempt to sign the Valla captain.

The time has finally come to make a proper offer but the Citizens want to do this very carefully. According to Fabrizio Romano, the Premier League champions are trying to buy Grealish and Harry Kane during the same window. This seems like an impossible task considering how expensive each player can be. For the Tottenham striker alone, any club would have to pay up to €150 million if they wanted to sign him. An overly expensive player for any club in the world. 

Jack Grealish is way cheaper than Kane. 

But when we talk about Jack Grealish, he is still expensive but not nearly as much as Harry. If the Citizens were to make an offer, they would have to pay €80 million. Fabrizio Romano posted a tweet back in June about the possibility. However, no news came until today. The Italian journalist just revealed that we are getting some Jack Grealish news over the next week.

It seems Guardiola finally asked his board to make the move they have planned for the Aston Villa star. If this happens, Manchester City will be able to focus on Harry Kane more diligently. But Grealish and Villa have to say yes to any offer that comes before this takes place. Jack obviously loves his childhood club but he also loves the idea of getting coached by one of the best managers in football history. We will keep everybody posted on everything that happens regarding Jack Grealish over the next few days.