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Jack Grealish and his massive impact on English football

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After only 20 minutes on the pitch for England today, it’s about time we talked about Jack Grealish and his impact in English football. 

How far can Jack Grealish take English football? This is the question we are all asking ourselves right now after looking at his 20 minutes against Germany. After coming on the pitch for Bukayo Saka, all Jack needed was that span of time in order to make a proper impact. Seven touches in that time included his assist and direct involvement in England’s first goal. Clearly, he is the ideal man to play behind Harry Kane and Raheem Sterling during the quarterfinals.

But his influence in English football goes far beyond what he can potentially do this summer while representing the Three Lions. Jack came up through the Aston Villa academy to become the club’s most important player in recent times. He led them back to the Premier League last season and quickly turned the competition upside down with his talent. If he hadn’t suffered an important injury, perhaps we would be talking about Aston Villa qualifying to European tournaments. But they lagged behind exactly when Grealish recovered from this injury in a few months. 

Jack Grealish is a dying breed. 

Before he made his triumphant appearance in the world of football as a late bloomer, there weren’t many players in his position left. Jack plays as a natural playmaker right behind the strikers. This is the same position that legendary players such as Ronaldinho, Francesco Totti, or Diego Maradona played throughout their careers. We are talking about the profile of a player who is far more creative than any other offensive player on the pitch. He can carry his team to victories due to his versatility on the pitch and his dominance in the game.

As soon as Grealish steps on the pitch, he always asks for the ball and he always has something interesting to do with it. England hasn’t really produced a player with his characteristics in the past, nobody can really be compared to his specific attributes. Aston Villa keeps getting smaller as time goes by and Jack won’t be able to stay at his childhood club with performances like these. But we all wonder where he will play next? Stay tuned for all the news about his next move later this summer.