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Update on Luis Suarez’s Covid-19 test ahead of next weekend

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We have breaking news about Luis Suarez’s most recent Covid-19 test as Atletico had one last hope he could play against Barcelona this weekend. 

Luis Suarez tested positive for Covid-19 during his trip to Uruguay for the international break. This is slowly becoming a trend that is happening to several of the world’s biggest players and it finally caught up to Suarez. Even though he tested positive in Uruguay, there was still hope for Atletico Madrid to have him for next weekend’s match.

Ever since Suarez left his former club, we were all expecting him to play against them while wearing the Atletico Madrid jersey. FC Barcelona is about to face the Colchoneros at the Metropolitano. We all expected a Suarez/Messi reunion but we will have to wait for it a bit longer. After the initial test that came out positive in South America, Luis got tested for a second time today.

Marca reported the results earlier today and confirmed a second positive test that will effectively keep him out of any competition for the next two weeks. But there are some ramifications to this that will also prevent him from leaving his home country for several days. 

Uruguay’s strict health restrictions. 

The Covid-19 pandemic pushed all countries to get their own rules on how to handle this crisis. Depending on where you are, you will have to follow certain protocols that the authorities of each nation impose on the citizens. In Uruguay’s case, they are not playing around with the pandemic.

If you become infected with the virus, the law forbids you from traveling at all until you get a negative Covid-19 test. This means that Luis Suarez will have to remain in Uruguay for at least two weeks or until he tests negative for the virus. Even though he will attempt to make the trip back to Madrid on a private plane, it’s highly unlikely that the Uruguay government allows him to leave the country.

Laws in this South American nation are very strict when it comes to handling a health crisis such as a global pandemic. Suarez will have to watch the Atletico Madrid vs FC Barcelona match from the comfort of his house in Uruguay.