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BREAKING NEWS: Atletico ace tests positive for Covid-19

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In a shocking turn of events for Atletico Madrid, one of their best players just tested positive for Covid-19 during his international break. 

Atletico Madrid has many players testing positive for Covid-19 over the last few months, but one of their biggest stars just joined this list. We are talking about Luis Suarez, the striker who just arrived from FC Barcelona last summer.

According to the Uruguay Football Federation, the striker just tested positive alongside another teammate and a staff member. Uruguay is getting ready for the upcoming World Cup Qualifier against Brazil. They get tested for Covid every day. Inside today’s results of the whole squad, Luis Suarez was one of the players who tested positive.

This means that he will miss the game against Brazil. He also won’t be able to play against FC Barcelona in the upcoming La Liga match after the international break. Suarez is one of the latest stars who tests positive and we all wish him a speedy recovery. 

Uruguay announced the result today. 

The news broke through a statement on the Uruguay Football Federation’s official website and through their social media accounts. They confirmed that the player and the other two infected individuals are in good condition. 

“The Uruguay Football Association informs about the PCR tests that were conducted on all of the senior squad members. As a result, players Luis Suarez, Rodrigo Munoz, and staffer Matias Faral tested positive for COVID-19. The rest of the squad members and staff tested negative. All three individuals we mentioned are healthy and we already took the necessary measures as the protocol demands.”