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Tuchel reveals whether he wants revenge from PSG

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Now that he made it to the Champions League final for the second straight season, Thomas Tuchel reveals if he wants revenge from PSG. 

Thomas Tuchel always felt he was unjustly dismissed by PSG earlier this season but he doesn’t have any hard feelings towards them. In any institution, you can definitely get sacked when you are not making any real progress. Tuchel had been trying to win the Champions League for a few years as PSG’s manager and he simply couldn’t do it. After getting the sack, his achievements still landed him a great job at Chelsea and his results are right there.

The man installed the squad in the FA Cup final, the Champions League final, and he might probably finish the season inside the Top Four. Plus, he will most likely keep his job and become one of the main title contenders in English football. There really is nothing negative Tuchel can say about his time at PSG because he wouldn’t be at Chelsea if it wasn’t for the French club. 

Tuchel has no hard feelings towards PSG. 

As per Goal, this is what Tuchel said: “No, I don’t have these feelings in me. It’s of course very satisfying on a personal level to be there again, but not because of what happened in December. I’m just absolutely grateful to arrive again in a Champions League final because it’s absolutely huge. I’m grateful to have the chance to work in football in general and at this kind of level, and super grateful for the people around me who push me, give me confidence and trust, and to have the challenge now here in Chelsea feels so good from the first moment.

“To arrive with this club and team in Istanbul is a huge reward for me personally, but not in terms like I said of any revenge or extra satisfying that PSG are not there. I am there, I don’t think in these terms, it’s always a team effort we try hard like any team to have the biggest success. It feels absolutely right where we are right now, and that’s what I am enjoying. So keep on going, I try to bring out the best in myself every day. We have two big finals now, and three big matches in the league.”