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Guardiola could win the Premier League vs Chelsea

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Ahead of next Saturday’s clash at Etihad Stadium, Pep Guardiola talked about the chances of winning the Premier League vs Chelsea.

Destiny wanted Chelsea to be the club that stands in the way of Pep Guardiola winning both the Premier League and the Champions League. We know these two squads will meet at the Istanbul final by the end of May. However, last weekend’s protests at Old Trafford prevented them from getting a chance at possibly becoming the official Premier League champions.

If they win tomorrow against the Blues, they will get to celebrate and that’s all Guardiola cares about. Today, he refused to talk about the Champions League final against tomorrow’s Premier League rival. He only wants to focus on the domestic tournament and nothing else. Becoming the champions of England would be a massive achievement he could get for the third time since he arrived in the country. But crowning his run with the Champions League will definitely become his greatest achievement. 

Guardiola only cares about tomorrow.

This is what Pep told the media: “There is not one thought about the final of the Champions League because we don’t have the Premier League in our hands,” the City boss said via Goal. “When we have the Premier League, hopefully tomorrow or in the next weeks, then the focus will be on the Champions League final and everything will be related to that, but I’m such a cautious guy that if you don’t have it you don’t talk about it. Saying that, I could say I’m going to think about the final but nobody plays the way Chelsea plays. The way we’re going to play against Chelsea and who is going to play has not been decided.

“First of all congratulations to Chelsea for reaching the final – they put in a good performance against the kings of this competition Real Madrid. If we were playing [the final] in one week or six days, it could be [an advantage] but there’s 21 days and many things can happen. The Premier League is so important for itself to think about another competition. We are going to try to play with the players who are perfect for the way they play and the qualities we have to beat them.”