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Toni Freixa reveals his transfer plans to revive FC Barcelona

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During an extended interview on RAC1, Toni Freixa revealed his transfer plans to revive FC Barcelona if he gets elected for president. 

Toni Freixa is possibly the weakest candidate to become FC Barcelona’s president but he still has some interesting plans for the club. He has been linked to the institution for decades and he finally feels he has a chance to take the biggest job there. As we all know, Barcelona is currently in a deep economic crisis that all candidates are trying to avert. However, all of their plans differ from one and other due to the connections each of them has.

In Toni Freixa’s case, he just spoke to RAC1 about the way he plans to get a strong investment that will attract some key transfers. While people like Victor Font want to save money by selling players, Freixa’s plan is to get an outside investor that will inject some important income to the club. Although he didn’t reveal which players he will pursue in the transfer market, Freixa did confirm he will try to sign at least four world-class players. 

Toni Freixa’s plan to revive Barcelona. 

“We have been working for some time now and we can say that we have reached an agreement of intent with an investor who will contribute 250 million [euros] for Barcelona Corporate, which consists of four business lines, in exchange for 49 percent,” Freixa told RAC1. “Although it will first have to go through the Assembly. We will have the funds for the economic situation to improve so that we can make sporting decisions. And in 2021/22 we will incorporate three superstars: two in attack and one in defense. It’s impossible for Koeman not to like them. They are unique players.

“Koeman will be coach until the end of his contract [June 30, 2022], without any doubt. Giving stability to the coach and the team always pays off. We have a maxim: we will never talk about players until we present them. It’s a bad strategy because you allow other clubs to step on your negotiation. But it is absolutely possible. That’s what Barcelona must do: bring in difference-making players. Messi has given us more than Barcelona has given him,” Freixa noted. I have spoken to his entourage, but not personally with him. The opportunity for him to continue is open. His contract has to be brought into line with the club. We have lowered the revenue by 350 million euros and the player is aware of that. I have never had the contract in my hand.”