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Thiago reveals playing through pain in debut season at Liverpool

Thiago Alcantara - Liverpool
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The Spaniard had a slow start to life in the Premier League, initially struggling to make the desired impact for Jurgen Klopp’s men.

Thiago Alcantara reveals he played through pain throughout his debut season at Liverpool.

Thiago’s economic transfer to Liverpool last summer created a buzz among the Liverpool faithful, with fans expecting the player with one of most distinguished CVs to quickly become a mainstay in the team.

The midfielder, however, struggled to deliver on those expectations initially. Many were even quick to blame him for the Reds’ dismal form.

The former FC Barcelona and Bayern Munich man managed just a single goal contribution in the 30 appearances he made in the 2020-21 season.

“The last season I started with – from a long time before that – some pain up there in the hamstring, between the glutes, old pain,” Thiago revealed to the Liverpool media.

“I was never clean to play because I was always with that pain and there’s a point during the end of the last season that I started to feel [it] more and more. And with the national team, I couldn’t even sprint in some terms, I couldn’t do some actions.

“So I try to start the pre-season, always in agreement with the medical team, to [do] individual work to clean the area a bit more and to be without more pain.

“So we are at that point now that we try to take it out and, at the same point, to stay with the team.”