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The two aces under Joan Laporta’s sleeves at FC Barcelona

Joan Laporta, FC Barcelona
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According to recent reports, Joan Laporta has two aces under his sleeves as new transfers for this new chapter in his FC Barcelona presidency

Joan Laporta is hitting the ground running at FC Barcelona, he has a couple of aces under his sleeve. Even though his official ceremony as the new president won’t happen until March 16, the man knows he needs to get to work on the club ASAP. Yesterday, he already visited all the first teams in all the disciplines the club has. Today, he is already in talks with potential players who could come to the institution. Perhaps the most pressing matter for Joan Laporta is to help the club overcome that €1 billion debt. But in order to do that, he needs to convince the players he wants to keep first. This obviously includes Leo Messi.

One of the ways he wants to get the captain to remain at the club, is by bringing him players he likes in order to play with them. There has been a lot of speculation about Sergio Aguero possibly following Messi to the club of his choice. We all initially thought they were meeting at Manchester City, they later gave us the impression they would play at PSG. But Joan Laporta’s return as president is a major piece of news because they could now play at FC Barcelona together. However, there’s another ace under Laporta’s sleeve. 

The David Alaba option. 

Given how much Laporta loves to compete with Florentino Perez, there’s a chance he takes a player from Real Madrid’s radar. David Alaba is trying to get paid and represent the club that can match his expectations. He initially wanted to earn €18 million per season after tax. After getting denied by everyone, he lowered his expectations to €15 million. But Laporta has a way to convince players that going to Barcelona is the best option for him. If he manages to convince the Austrian defender, Laporta will deal a major blow to Florentino Perez.

With his possible arrival and the Sergio Aguero option, FC Barcelona can start thinking about a new era. Also, there are reports from Mundo Deportivo about this alongside the conversations that the new president has with Mino Raiola. We all know that this agent gets along well with the Barcelona president. The world also knows the level of players he represents. Who is the one star that could fit in Barcelona’s plans?