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The reason Zlatan Ibrahimovic won’t play the Euros

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We are here to tell you all about the reason Zlatan Ibrahimovic won’t play the Euros with Sweden during the summer. 

Perhaps it went under the radar for most of you but, did you know Zlatan Ibrahimovic won’t play the Euros with Sweden? If you didn’t know, nobody would blame you. This news might be kin of old but you must know the full extent of this drama. Before we tell you the reason behind his absence from the national team, first we need to talk about his return to international football. Zlatan Ibrahimovic was retired from the Swedish squad but everything changed this year. With his return to Serie A playing for AC Milan, along came a new motivation to represent his country.

Zlatan’s main reason for returning was the fact he could visit his children in his home country, but he also had a statement to make. As he pushes 40 years old, it’s no secret Ibrahimovic is playing at the highest level again. He completed a tremendous season with the Rossoneri after taking them all the way to end the season in second place of the tournament. Although Inter Milan won the title, AC Milan was arguably one of the most entertaining clubs to watch. All thanks to Zlatan. His return to the Sweden squad became a reality a few months before the Euros. 

So why is Zlatan Missing the Euros?

After going back to his beloved national team, everything was set for Ibra to return to the Euros during the summer. However, things didn’t work out as he expected during the final stretch of the season. It all happened during AC Milan’s Serie A match against Juventus. Zlatan picked up a knee sprain that initially didn’t look serious. Stefano Pioli confirmed he would miss the rest of the season in Italy but they didn’t think the problem was anything to worry about.

Finally, the Swedish squad received the terrible news of Ibrahimovic missing the entire European Championship this summer. This is what they wrote on their official Twitter account on May 15: “Today, Zlatan has informed [head coach] Janne Andersson that his injury will stop him from participating in the European Championships this summer. Get well, Zlatan, we hope to see you on the football field again soon!” And that’s the reason Zlatan won’t play for Sweden against Spain, Slovakia, and Poland at the Euros in Group E.