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The reason Zidane should worry about his Real Madrid job

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After the most recent result, we analyze the reasons Zinedine Zidane needs to start worrying about his job as Real Madrid’s manager. 

Zinedine Zidane has been the main responsible for Real Madrid’s recent bad results, he needs to start worrying about his job. Even though he got a lot of credit after winning La Liga last season and three Champions League titles. ‘Zizou’ needs to understand that football is a sport in which immediacy is more important than recent success.

We will do our best effort to talk about a timeline in which the French manager started making his first mistakes. Real Madrid’s most recent defeat against Shakhtar Donetsk comes during a crucial week for Los Blancos, which is right before El Clasico.

The gaffer’s face was quite impossible to hide, he knows his job is starting to be on the balance despite his wild success in recent years. In order to understand what Los Blancos are going through, we need to mention the origin of the problems first. 

Zidane’s original sin at Real Madrid. 

All of this fiasco could’ve been avoided if Zinedine Zidane had taken the right decision when he should’ve. Cristiano Ronaldo’s announcement after winning the 2018 UEFA Champions League was Zinedine Zidane’s queue to leave. Despite making the decision, Florentino Perez convinced him to return with the idea of a great manager who never makes a bad decision.

But right after returning, we immediately started noticing patterns emerging. The French manager’s biggest weakness is his failure to coexist with an already existing ecosystem. President Florentino Perez has been trying to build the club’s future with several good players. It all started when he realized Ronaldo and company were seasoned veterans. Since then, Zidane doesn’t seem to like any player he didn’t pick for the squad himself. His most controversial decision came with both full-back positions.

The coach decided to keep Marcelo and Mandy over Achraf and Reguilon. Also, James and Bale apparently made the best decision of their careers. Zidane wasn’t able to get the best out of his two most world-class players. That alone should be enough reason to doubt the Frenchman’s capacity to take the team back to glory. It should also be enough reason for him to start worrying about his job.