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The reason Real Madrid might not take Gareth Bale back

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Despite his recent form, we will tell you the reason Real Madrid might consider not taking Gareth Bale back from his Spurs loan. 

Gareth Bale has been performing quite well in recent weeks but that might not be enough for Real Madrid to take him back. Initially, Florentino Perez agreed on letting the Welshman leave on a loan in order to find his level of performance again. However, the division between him and the dressing room was too evident to ignore. Gareth’s intention from the moment he arrived was to leave Los Blancos for good.

At the start of his loan, he wasn’t living up to the standards, and Real Madrid was forced to take him back next summer. But Bale remained patient and he finally started getting the results Jose Mourinho wants from him. Despite this recent improvement, there are two major reasons why Los Blancos will consider not taking him back. The only way he could return is if Tottenham Hotspur considers him a flop transfer but that seems to be changing recently. 

Zidane doesn’t get along with Bale. 

Even though Florentino Perez still considers Gareth Bale a major asset for the club, Zidane doesn’t seem to think so. The French manager doesn’t get along with the Welshman and Gareth also doesn’t have a great relationship with his teammates. Another reason he won’t return to Spain is the fact that Jose Mourinho wants him to stay at Spurs. The Portuguese manager is determined to get the best out of Bale from now until the end of the season.

If this happens, convincing Daniel Levy to pay Bale’s transfer will be much easier for the manager. Gareth loves living in London and he loves Tottenham but he also needs to live up to the standards. Due to the recent great results, it is clear that Tottenham is the ideal place for him to finish his career. Real Madrid simply doesn’t look like the club where he will ever return.