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The reason Cristiano Ronaldo could leave Juventus

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After yet another setback in Serie A, we tell you the main reason Cristiano Ronaldo could leave Juventus at the end of the current season. 

When Cristiano Ronaldo arrived at Juventus, he was promised a competitive squad that could grant him a chance to win all the trophies. However, the Portuguese star is basically unable to win the Serie A trophy for the third consecutive season in a complicated campaign. You have Inter Milan and AC Milan fighting for supremacy at the top of the table with the Biancineri in the fourth position. But more importantly, this Juventus side is the worst we’ve seen over the last decade after 21 matches played in the competition.

The last time they got fewer points than this season (42) was way back in the 2010-11 season with Gigi Delneri as the manager (35 points after 21 matches). Andrea Pirlo hasn’t been able to get the best out of the players he has and Ronaldo could get disappointed by this. As he enters the true final stage of his career, the Portuguese star wants to keep winning as many titles as he can. If Juventus doesn’t give him that during the current season, he might start looking for a place where he can. 

Is PSG on the horizon for Ronaldo? 

Should Juventus get eliminated from the Champions League and fail to win the Serie A again, Cristiano Ronaldo and his agent will start looking for new destinations. The most obvious choice is Paris Saint-Germain. A league where he hasn’t played before and a squad that can help him fight for all the titles over the next four years. Keep in mind that Cristiano just turned 36 years of age.

His whole intention is to at least win one more UEFA Champions League trophy before he makes the decision to hang up his boots. Juventus proved they aren’t able to deliver on this promise but they still have this season to accomplish their goal. However, we wouldn’t hold our breath on that considering the incredible level of competition there is in Europe today. Ronaldo will gravitate towards the club that can give him the biggest chance to keep winning, there’s no doubt about it.