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The reason behind Neymar’s contract extension delay at PSG

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We are here to tell you the reason Neymar is delaying his contract extension with PSG and the whole truth behind his decision. 

Neymar appeared in public recently saying that he would possibly renew his contract with PSG, but there was something different about it. His face was not that of a happy man who wants to continue playing at the club. It was evident something wasn’t the same anymore and we finally know what. According to RAC1, Joan Laporta already made contact with both the player and PSG for his exit from Paris.

Initially, the Brazilian star gave up on the idea that his return to Barcelona was possible. However, Laporta is absolutely convinced that he is the ideal player to take the squad to a new winning era. Plus, his desire to play alongside Leo Messi again is simply too strong to ignore. The man said it himself earlier this season. Both stars have been conspiring to play together and enjoy football like the good old days once again. 

What made Neymar change his mind? 

Initially, Neymar honestly thought there was a chance for PSG to sign Leo Messi next season. He didn’t imagine Joan Laporta would return as the club’s president and that’s where everything changed for him. As he saw Leo getting more comfortable with his home club, his intentions also started shifting. With his recent level of performance, Joan Laporta also made up his mind that Neymar is the player Barcelona needs right now.

Erling Haaland and Kylian Mbappe are luxuries that the Blaigranas can’t have right now. But the Brazilian star is getting into his veteran years at the highest level and still as hungry for success as ever. In the coming months, we will see more activity on this front between PSG and Barcelona. Although many Barça fans don’t want Neymar back, Laporta is convinced of the exact opposite.