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The truth behind Neymar’s situation at Paris Saint-Germain

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It’s time to tell you all about the Neymar situation at Paris Saint-Germain and why he is taking so long to renew his contract with the club. 

Neymar has been a Paris Saint-Germain player for the better part of the last four years, he came from FC Barcelona during the summer of 2017. When he arrived, he had the goal of taking the French club to the very top of the world alongside Kylian Mbappe. Now that he is on the verge of his second straight Champions League final, perhaps he thinks he did his job. In his most recent interaction with the press, the star didn’t seem happy about his current situation at the club.

Despite saying he probably will sign a new contract, it was evident his mind was somewhere else. Why is this? Well, we have to go back almost a full season in order to know what this reaction is all about. There is a chance Neymar won’t continue playing for PSG next season but some things need to happen first. In recent weeks, the player decided to halt all negotiations with the club because a new opening just appeared for him. 

Laporta will go after Neymar. 

Now that FC Barcelona seems past out of the Super League, a new opportunity to find a sponsor just appeared. According to Sport, the Barcelona president is about to secure a €500 million income injection to the club in order to help it grow. The plan with this money is to not only renew Leo Messi’s contract but to sign a new player. According to this report, Neymar is the first option for the Blaigranas. There is a good chance that the player might not even sign a new contract with the French club.

This is where the star’s words from earlier in the season come to mind. Where he flat out said that he wanted to play alongside Leo Messi and he would do everything in his power to make it happen. Perhaps he already knew something like this would happen but he definitely knew what he was talking about back then. If everything goes as Laporta plans, Neymar will return to FC Barcelona.