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The other name Raiola mentioned in his meeting with Laporta

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It’s time to talk about the other name Mino Riola mentioned during his recent meeting with Joan Laporta in the city of Barcelona. 

Mino Raiola doesn’t take a step without know where it’s going to lead him, especially if he meets with Joan Laporta. Although they are intimate friends, both sides know there’s a level of interest on both sides when they meet. Yesterday, Raiola seemed like he extended the courtesy of giving Laporta the first crack at trying to sign Erling Haaland. After that, the agent went to Madrid as requested by Erling’s father. His whole intention was none other than to see the Real Madrid training complex just to scout the territory.

But the meeting with Joan Laporta was the biggest event of the day due to the content of that meeting. As you all know, Mino Raiola has a large wallet filled with many amazing clients who would like to play at FC Barcelona. Now that he has a chance to put them there, he won’t hesitate to take on the opportunity. Apart from Haaland, La Sexta reported there was one more name Mino mentioned during their meeting. 

We are talking about a Juventus player. 

In this report, it is said that Mino Raiola didn’t really want to discuss Haaland as much as he wanted to discuss Matthijs de Ligt. You are reading this correctly. The agent is actively looking for a new destination for the young Dutch defender. After nearly three seasons at Juventus, De Ligt is hardly what people expected in Italy and he would like a fresh start somewhere else.

Joan Laporta agreed to talk about him because Ronald Koeman is more than happy to make him a Barcelona player for the next decade. Keep in mind that the current Barça coach knows De Ligt perfectly from his time as the Netherlands’ manager. If he becomes a Blaugrana player, it is very possible that we might see his best version once again.