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BREAKING: Raiola also takes Haaland’s father to Madrid

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It’s a busy day for Spanish football as Mino Raiola takes Erling Haaland to Madrid in order to hear the offer they have for his son. 

We finally know what Mino Raiola’s plan with Erling Haaland is, he wants to create a bidding war between the clubs for the striker. First, he gave his buddy Joan Laporta a chance to get the first meeting in order to make an offer. But the day of visits didn’t end there because when in Rome, you might as well kill two birds with one stone. El Chiringuito has images of both men arriving in Madrid for a meeting with Florentino Perez.

The idea is to hear the offer the president has for the striker and see what the project will be for the upcoming future. Real Madrid might be finishing the new stadium but they know that they need to spend big this summer in order to sign a player who can score many goals per season. In the next two hours, we will have a more detailed account of how the meeting between Raiola and Florentino went. This is only the start of many trips Alf-Inge Haaland will have to make for his son, he will also travel to England to meet several clubs. 

Laporta feels confident for Erling Haaland. 

According to Sport, the meeting between Laporta, Raiola, and Haaland’s father went extremely well. The Catalan club is confident they can get a chance to sign the player and they believe his wage won’t be a problem. However, they still have to convince Borussia Dortmund and hope that Haaland is seduced by the Blaugranas’ project. To be honest about this, the best clubs in the world will present their best project to Haaland.

FC Barcelona has an impossible task ahead of them if they want to sign a player like Erling Haaland. Finding the money will force them to sell many players before the end of next summer. Also, they might include some of their players in a possible trade if Borussia Dortmund agrees to negotiate. This is where Florentino has the advantage. Real Madrid does have the money to spend for players of this caliber.