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Tebas reveals Real Madrid’s plans for the next transfer window

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During a recent interview with COPE, Javier Tebas revealed Real Madrid’s possible transfer plans for the upcoming summer. 

After this summer’s failed Kylian Mbappe transfer, Real Madrid is still planning big for next summer and Javier Tebas knows it. La Liga president has a love-hate relationship with Florentino Perez, especially after the Real Madrid boss attempted to create the Super League. But Tebas knows that without Los Blancos or FC Barcelona, La Liga’s economy would be doomed.

He is aware of the power that both clubs have in the world of football but he is still angry for their involvement in the Super League. Both Florentino Perez and Joan Laporta remain committed to this tournament. As a way to attack their intentions, Tebas keeps firing shots at both clubs. His latest interview on COPE pointed directly at the Real Madrid president by stating their intentions to sign two specific players at the same time. 

Florentino’s intentions for next summer. 

This is what Tebas told COPE: “They [Real Madrid] have sold €200 million worth of players. They have enough money to sign both [Kylian] Mbappe and [Erling] Haaland together. They have not lost money. On top of that, they have sold assets. What is not understandable is that someone who loses €400 million, is spending €500 million on wages and can still reject offers like the one for Mbappe.

“The rules in France are failing, they are hurting the European market. The UEFA system is wrong. We are going backwards from the way it should be. Investors must be brought in, but not with unlimited contributions and constant losses. This would not be allowed in another sector. They prefer to win the Champions League and lose a billion euros. That way they keep their fans happy because they have won the Champions League, but you have ruined football. It’s very dangerous.”