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Solskjaer pushes his players to fight against City for the title

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Ahead of their upcoming weekend fixture, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer opened up about his players’ chances of taking on Manchester City. 

Manchester United currently sits in second place of the Premier League table below Manchester City. They are 10 points behind with the same number of matches played, but the Red Devils still remain hopeful. In fact, their manager still believes there’s a long way to the end of the season and he wants his players to focus. As they go into next Sunday’s match against Newcastle, the gaffer wanted to send a message to the squad.

Over the next couple of months, they simply have to win all matches and expect the Citizens to drop some points in key days of the competition. They have high hopes for Arsenal over the weekend, as City faces a tough test at the Emirates. If Manchester United win against Newcastle, they might get a chance to get closer if the Gunners prevail. But Solskjaer is aware of the effort his players have to make. 

Solskjaer wants United to become unplayable. 

“I don’t think anyone would say they’re not going to go for it. We’re going to go for a win every single game we play, of course we are,” said Ole via Goal. “But, whatever other teams do, City, Liverpool, Leicester, Chelsea, Tottenham, West Brom, whoever – we can’t control that. We just have to control ourselves, we are in the position we are, we’re second and of course your ambition then is to not end any lower than that. We’re going to have to get a good run together if we’re going to put pressure on City and that should start on Sunday.

Of course it’s relentless. Of course we demand we turn up every game and earn the right to win – you’ve got to run more than the opposition, you’ve got to want to win more than the opposition, you’ve got to suffer more, put your body on the line. Every game in the Premier League is high demand and that’s why the players are paid the money they are to perform every time they’re asked to. We ask for relentlessness and attitude every single game.”