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Simeone reveals the return of Atletico’s most important midfielder

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Ahead of the match against FC Barcelona at the Metropolitano, Diego Simeone revealed why having their best midfielder in top form is important. 

Diego Simeone knows he needs all his top players in their best form this Saturday for Atletico Madrid’s crucial match against FC Barcelona. One of the players who got back to his best level of performance is Koke. He is fresh out of an impressive international break with Spain where he led his squad against Germany.

That historic 6-0 victory is in many ways Koke’s doing because he is the one who took control in midfield. For ‘Cholo’ Simeone, having the best Koke Atletico can get for the rest of the season is the best possible news. In fact, the Argentine manager is convinced that the academy product came back in top shape after the quarantine.

Despite having some low moments throughout his career at Atletico Madrid, ‘Cholo’ never stopped using Koke because he knows how important he can be for the squad. Now that he is back to his best version, keeping him inside the starting eleven is a no-brainer. 

Simeone is thrilled to have the best Koke back. 

Ahead of the upcoming clash against Barcelona at the Metropolitano, Diego Simeone was questioned about Koke’s importance for this match. He spoke to the club’s official social media channel: “Koke is obviously a very important player for us, I’ve said it countless times before.

“His tactical intelligence and his understanding of the needs this club has. He also understand how he can help the club better. Since the quarantine started, he’s grown so much and he came back with an increased speed with more dynamic pacing. The consequence of his work is what brings him to the national team and play at the level he showed.

“I understand that beyond any low-form moment he had, he is incredibly important for us in a tactical sense. When he wasn’t all there in regards to form, he managed to maintain himself important for the team. Now that everything is going well for him, he can help the team in great manner.”