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Simeone reveals how he attempted to sign Lionel Messi

Luis Suarez - Atletico Madrid, Lionel Messi - FC Barcelona
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During a recent interview with Ole, Diego Simeone just revealed how exactly he tried to sign Leo Messi for Atletico Madrid last summer. 

During the recent summer transfer window, there was a moment in which Diego Simeone actually tried to sign Leo Messi for Atletico Madrid. The convincing method didn’t seem so far-fetched when you take a look at the entire situation. For starters, Luis Suarez was already playing for the Colchoneros and recently won the Spanish La Liga. The thought of Messi playing alongside his bestie once again was only a dream at some point.

But Diego Simeone dared to imagine the impossible at a certain point. When Jorge Messi decided to drop out of the negotiation with FC Barcelona, ‘Cholo’ decided to strike. As it turns out, he decided to not approach Leo directly but through his best friend. His plan was simple: ask Suarez about Messi’s willingness to play with the Colchoneros and see if it was possible. Even though he gets points for trying, you’ll quickly see his attempt didn’t last long.

Simeone’s tactics to sign Messi are revealed. 

In a recent interview with Diario Ole, Diego Simeone spoke about the possibility to sign Leo and how fast it was. His account of what happened proves that PSG was already lurking in the background when the FC Barcelona deal was bottled. Anybody who says they weren’t ready to make it happen is either naive or part of the deal. Joan Laporta recently stated he knew the French giants already had a deal with Messi.

‘Cholo’ just confirmed this information with his statement on Ole: “I’ll tell you something, when all that happened at Barcelona, we called Luis [Suarez] with nothing but respect. I didn’t call Leo [Messi], but I did call Luis and I asked him about how [Messi] was, what he was thinking, if there was the slightest, hypothetical chance that he might come to Atletico Madrid. But that lasted all of three hours. Paris Saint-Germain were clearly obsessed with bringing him in.”