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Life is finally perfect for Lionel Messi in the Argentina squad

Lionel Messi - Argentina
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It’s about time we analyzed Lionel Messi’s life with the Argentina National Team and how he finally got to the point of true happiness. 

It took a lot of work for Lionel Messi to earn back the respect from the Argentina supporters, he finally has a perfect life over there. Contrary to the difficult time he lived at his club over the last six years. Argentina is where he feels more comfortable now. In order to get to this point, Messi needed to change many aspects of the squad’s dynamic. Most of the credit of this needs to go to Lionel Scaloni, who knew how to integrate Messi with his teammates. When the new generation arrived, many of them were extremely intimidated by him.

But Scaloni was smart to make Messi one of the squad. There weren’t any privileges that the other players didn’t have, he loves feeling part of a collective. As soon as he managed to connect with the rest of his teammates, every aspect of the game started working like clockwork around him. The last match against Uruguay proved that Leo can finally feel like the team’s leader without that added pressure. All the other players know that they need him at his best in order to aspire for more titles. 

The World Cup is Leo’s biggest target. 

With Italy’s latest defeat against Spain, Argentina is now the team with the largest number of consecutive undefeated matches. At 24 unbeaten games, Leo Messi is a major component of this incredible run that threatens to extend on Thursday when they play against Peru. Should they continue on this upwards trend, Argentina’s ultimate goal is to reach the World Cup next year with an even greater unbeaten run.

If they reach that target with Messi at his current level, they will have a chance to compete against the biggest rivals from Europe. The people’s support has been a key component to Messi’s gracious state and he recently recognized it. After the victory against Uruguay, Leo dropped them a message through his Instagram account that said the following: “Being able to enjoy the moments we are going through is beautiful. What a win! Thank you again for what you make me feel. Happy is an understatement! Let’s keep this going. See you next Thursday.”