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Simeone denies La Liga is lost if Atletico lose the Derby

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In order to protect himself from any type of criticism after the Madrid Derby, Diego Simeone explained why La Liga still isn’t lost if they lose. 

Throughout the whole season before tomorrow’s derby, Atletico Madrid has been at the top of the Spanish La Liga. In recent months, they haven’t been as dominant as they’ve been during the rest of the season. Both Real Madrid and FC Barcelona caught up to them in terms of points and level of performance. Tomorrow, they are in danger of falling against Los Blancos in a crucial Madrid Derby at Metropolitano Stadium.

Whenever he feels something might go wrong, ‘Cholo’ always tries to prepare the ground for a complicated fall. There’s something he thinks could happen at Metropolitano Stadium on Sunday and he wants to get ready for it. Although he speaks the truth, this doesn’t deny Atletico Madrid is not going through the best moment of the season. Real Madrid is more than ready to take three away points that would make La Liga season way more interesting. 

‘Cholo’ thinks all opponents are complicated. 

During Saturday’s press conference ahead of the Derby, Simeone said the following via Atletico Madrid’s website: “I tend to look at the numbers. About 10 or 12 fixtures ago, nobody thought Betis could compete in the Europa League and now they are fighting for that. Something similar is happening with the fight to win La Liga. There is no club that doesn’t play well. Every single match will be complicated. Angel Correa and Joao Felix have different characteristics.

“The first has more sacrifice, he participates in teamwork more. And the second has a unique talent. Joao’s numbers are great. Competition is always healthy. What I can tell you is that I think both of them will play. I still need to decide who will start. We always try to compete against every squad. The intention is playing to our virtues and get the best out of our rivals’ defects. We won’t make any exceptions tomorrow. The squad trained two possible systems and we will make a final decision tomorrow.”