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Should Bale consider Tottenham exit to MLS or China?

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A former Tottenham manager questions Gareth Bale’s waning form and whether he should opt to look for a move to MLS or China.

Gareth Bale could be in desperate need to move to MLS or China, says Harry Redknapp. The former Tottenham gaffer believes that the Welshman was not a priority for Jose Mourinho at the time of signing. The 31-year-old took his steps back to his old club during the summer transfer window of 2020. With the hope of rejuvenating his ever-lasting love for football, Bale left Real Madrid to join the north London side.

But the “speedster” has failed to impress from the start of his season-long loan deal. Along with average performance, Bale has suffered from fitness issues and has just racked 14 games across all competitions. The footballing world now asks questions as to whether the Tottenham star will ever be able to bring back his spark. And Redknapp admits that the Wales international might be losing his touch.

MLS or China?

The ex-Spurs boss has told Stadium Astro: “If he isn’t going to do it at Tottenham, where is he going to do it? Does he have to take the easy option of going to America or China to play? He is obviously not showing a lot to Jose to make him want to play him. He is bringing people on who, I’m not being disrespectful, couldn’t lace his boots. He’s been on another planet to them as a player.”

He added: “I don’t know whether he was Jose’s signing. Jose might think he doesn’t fancy him now, because he never plays him. To bring him on with 10 minutes to go was a token effort, the game was gone. To bring on people like Lamela before him, I doubt very much whether he was a Jose signing – it was more Daniel [Levy] bringing him back.”

Redknapp further said: “He has got to show that he is worth a place. He has got to show that he can still do it, in training or whatever. I haven’t seen him explode, what he used to have. Bale was unplayable, had a spell for me at Tottenham, and then at Real Madrid where he was incredible. Gareth hasn’t shown that. He looks like hasn’t got that running power, that pace, at the moment. Everyone has a certain day when they hit a brick wall, maybe he has.”