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Sergio Ramos’ Barcelona jibe backfires in embarrassing fashion

Sergio Ramos, Joan Laporta, Real Madrid, Barcelona
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The Real Madrid captain responded to Laporta’s banner with one of his own, but ended up making a key grammatical error.

Joan Laporta struck the first blow by hanging a huge banner near Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in December.

The Barcelona president hung up a massive and sybaritic picture of himself to drum up some support on the side of a building in the Spanish capital during his election campaign with the words: “Look forward to seeing you again”

It was a clear message for Real Madrid and the fans, and one that Ramos still remembers vividly to this day.

The 35-year-old responded with another banner of his own in Catalan in the heart of Barcelona as part of promoting the second part of his documentary series on Amazon Prime. One tiny little detail, however, ruined it.

It turns out Ramos’ billboard message in Catalan (“Ganes de que em torneu a veure”) has a grammatical error as he incorrectly used the word ‘de’.

The sentence should have instead read “Ganes que em torneu a veure”, which translates to “You want to see me again” in English.

The news came on the same day it was announced Ramos would miss the Clasico against Barcelona and Real Madrid’s Champions League quarter-final tie with Liverpool through injury.