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Sergio Aguero makes a decision about Messi’s #10 jersey

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After serious consideration, Sergio Aguero finally decided to make a decision about Leo Messi’s #10 jersey that was up for grabs. 

Leo Messi has a beautiful relationship with Sergio Aguero but they couldn’t continue their story at FC Barcelona. After the #10 left the Catalan club, many speculated with Aguero’s decision to remain at the Catalan club. Some sources agreed that he felt duked by the club’s board of directors while others were convinced he still wanted to stay. In the end, he just announced the confirmation of him staying at the club. At least for the rest of the season.

In recent days, Gerard Pique said on Twitch that he proposed Aguero to take Leo’s #10 jersey but he wasn’t sure about it. It is well known that this number will carry a lot of weight in the following years and Messi’s exit was too traumatic to handle. After serious consideration, Sergio Aguero decided to announce he won’t be taking that number. Through an Instagram post, ‘Kun’ told the world that he is taking the #19 jersey at FC Barcelona. This is the same number Messi already wore at FC Barcelona. 

Could Coutinho wear the #10 jersey? 

Earlier today, there were some images of the FC Barcelona #10 jersey allegedly being sold at stores with Phil Coutinho’s name on it. However, this was immediately debunked by professional journalists and this was quickly categorized as fake news. The truth about the #10 jersey goes more in line with the FC Barcelona brand. First of all, the club decided to leave this number free for the remainder of this season.

But when the time comes for someone to wear it again, it will be an academy player. Not a transferred player wearing this historic number. This is how Leo Messi’s legacy will remain protected from now until the end of time. Only a worthy player from La Masia will have the honor of carrying this incredible burden in the future. The man with the biggest chance of doing it is Ansu Fati, but his time hasn’t come yet. He needs to grow into the #10 jersey first.