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Scholes and Keane compare Partey to Arsenal legend

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After Manchester United’s match against Arsenal, both Keane and Scholes wanted to compare Thomas Partey to an Arsenal legend. 

Thomas Partey’s arrival has given him a lot of credit with other great former midfielders such as Paul Scholes and Roy Keane. Getting praised by two of Manchester United’s most important players is something that should make Partey proud. But these two Mancunian legends took it a step further with their appreciation of the Ghana international.

As you might remember from the old days, both Scholes and Keane suffered Patrick Vieira’s quality when they played Arsenal. The French legend is still considered one of the best holding midfielders in Premier League history. Keane even had some nasty fights against him during their prime, but the respect will always remain between the two.

So, Partey needs to feel proud for getting the ultimate compliment from two otherwise rivals. But only time will tell if the newcomer is worthy of such a major comparison. 

Scholes and Keane’s words on Partey.

After losing at Old Trafford against Arsenal, Manchester United’s legends knew who was one of the best players on the pitch. Both Keane and Scholes agree on Partey as the top player out of this match. 

“He was outstanding. He’s obviously no mug having played in big games,” said Keane after the match in a previous article we covered. “When you watch a player live that’s when you can judge a player and the more I look at him the more I wish he was in the United midfield. He’s big, strong and aggressive – and he can pass it forward. He can deal with the ball. “I had my battles with Vieira and I think this kid has got a chance of matching what Patrick used to do.”

Scholes said the following through talkSPORT: “He’s an all-round midfielder. “You don’t see many players like that these days. “Midfielders are attacking midfielders or holding midfielders but a midfield players’ job is to do everything. “You have to contribute with everything and today he did a brilliant job in all departments.”