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Sancho is already in Manchester for the announcement

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According to various reports, Jadon Sancho is already in the city of Manchester ahead of the huge announcement as a Red Devil. 

Jadon Sancho was recently confirmed as a new Manchester United player but we still haven’t seen him wearing the red jersey. Today, he made the trip to the city in order to complete all the protocols that will make everything official. According to Sky Sports, the England star is currently undergoing the medical test ahead of the contract signing. We still have no idea which number he will wear but there are good chances he might end up with the number ‘7’. As long as Edinson Cavani agrees to don a different number, Sancho will become that mythical player who carries on with the club’s biggest legacy.

After a long negotiation that lasted over two years, Borussia Dortmund finally agreed to accept an €86 million offer from Manchester United. He will play at the club until the summer of 2026 and will start training as soon as all the protocols are completed. We are only waiting for the club’s confirmation via their official website and for the player’s first words as a Red Devil. But after the Euros, there’s a pending assignment for Sancho in which Ole Gunnar Solskjaer can help him improve. 

How will Sancho take the Euros’ defeat?

Not playing much throughout the Euros must be taxing for a player who was just sold for €86 million. Jadon Sancho is considered one of the best wingers in the world but Gareth Southgate completely messed up his confidence by barely using his skills. He even burned him out by sending him on the pitch for mere seconds only to miss a decisive penalty during the final.

This has to be amongst the most stressful experiences for a player of Sancho’s stature. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has a lot of psychological work to do with the young star in order to recover him. He has work to do with Marcus Rashford as well but Sancho is the more pressing matter. Starting the season on the wrong foot can’t be the way he begins writing his story as a new Manchester United player. After the big announcement, the next few days will be key for Sancho’s adaptation. Can Ole make him overcome the obstacles?