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Report: Manchester United are on the brink of a major transfer

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According to reports coming from England, Manchester United is getting closer to making a massive transfer from a Spanish club. 

Manchester United is doing everything they can in order to become as competitive as the opposition in regards to transfers. They are getting closer to a deal that would make them increasingly more powerful for next season. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is pushing for a centre-back who can accompany Harry Maguire in the back. Someone who can be considered elite level for a club as massive as Manchester United. With Jadon Sancho completely closed, it is time for the Red Devils to attempt another impossible transfer.

We’ve been talking about their intention to sign Raphael Varane for €50 million. However, Real Madrid is not willing to let him leave for less than €70 million. As things stand right now, negotiations for the player are stuck due to this massive price difference. Despite playing for the most successful club in the world, Varane feels his tenure at Real Madrid has come to an end. He’s won everything there is to win at the Spanish capital and he wants more exciting challenges. 

Raphael Varane agrees to terms with Man United. 

According to ABC Deportes, Sergio Ramos’ exit has prompted Raphael Varane to agree on personal terms with the English club. Florentino Perez initially didn’t want him to leave the institution but he refuses to keep players who don’t want to be there. In Varane’s case, there’s a strong sense of him trying everything in order to leave Real Madrid. Even Rio Ferdinand is doing everything he can in order to convince Varane he should become a Red Devil.

One of his followers asked him to speak directly to the player in order to convince him to sign. To which Ferdinand responded with an enigmatic phrase: “Already have done. Agent Ferdy.” But the impasse remains the same: Florentino Perez wants more money than Manchester United is ready to offer. How much longer will these negotiations extend? Is there a chance for Real Madrid to get another player inside this negotiation? We will keep you posted on everything that happens with Varane.