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Salah makes a Premier League wish for the end of the season

Mohamed Salah, Liverpool
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After his brilliant goal against Manchester City, Mohamed Salah sent out a Premier League wish to the universe. He has ambitious expectations. 

Even though it’s too early to tell if Mohamed Salah will get his wish granted in the Premier League, Liverpool has a good shot at the title this season. After taking a break last year due to various injuries the team suffered, they seem fitter than ever before. It’s not only Mohamed Salah but other key players are back to perfect form as well. It’s obvious that the inclusion of players like Virgil van Dijk and Trent Alexander-Arnold is only helping Liverpool improve.

Despite the massive competition we have on all the other clubs, the Reds seem more than ready to challenge for the title this year. Mohamed Salah just scored one of the most beautiful goals of his professional career. He has been compared to Leo Messi over the last 24 hours like never before. For some, he can already be considered the best player in the Premier League at the moment. But Salah has other things in mind apart from individual recognition. 

Salah wants to fight for the title this season. 

This is where we all wonder if Liverpool is truly capable of fighting for the title this season. As things stand on the table right now, this is completely possible. Chelsea is in the first place but there are only two points separating them from fifth place in the Premier League standings. Mohamed Salah came out extremely confident from the game against City after that goal. At 29 years old, he is definitely at the peak of his powers and in the best shape of his life.

There is no denying he can totally do something incredible if he stays like this over the next 10 months. After his brilliant performance, Mo Salah wrote the following short sentence on Twitter that had a ripple effect amongst all Liverpool supporters: “We really wanted to win this one but we’re still in the game. We’re going for the title and we have what it takes.” What do you think? Is Liverpool this season’s top title contender or is there another club better than them right now?