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Opinion: Mohamed Salah should win this year’s Puskas Award

Mohamed Salah, Liverpool
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We are here to tell you the reason Mohamed Salah should win this year’s Puskas Award after scoring that impressive goal against Man City. 


Mohamed Salah already knows what it’s like to win the legendary Puskas Award that is given to the best goal of each year. Back in 2018, Mo scored an impressive goal against Everton that many didn’t consider the best of the season. Keep in mind we saw other incredible goals such as Ronaldo’s overhead kick against Juventus. But we also can’t forget Gareth Bale’s Champions League final beauty against Liverpool. And yet, somehow Salah got the most votes for the first Puskas Award of his career.

It’s not that he doesn’t deserve to win individual awards, Salah is currently in a league of his own inside English football. He is also escalating to the top spot amongst the best African players in Premier League history. But he also needed to score a goal that was worthy of that recognition and he finally did it yesterday. It all happened during the Premier League’s most expected match from this past weekend. A rivalry that is at the forefront of the highest level seen in English football over the last five years. 

Salah serves a goal and creates a work of art. 

After serving a brilliant assist for Sadio Mane during the first half, Mo Salah wanted to leave his mark on this game. Bernardo Silva made an attempt to score a Maradonian goal before Salah did the same thing only moments after that. The difference is that Silva wasn’t able to complete an incredible run from midfield. Salah, on the other hand, took everybody’s breath away. He scored what can probably be described as the best goal in Mo Salah’s career.


The Egypt international also did it with perfect timing right before FIFA starts searching for the best goals of 2021. You can be certain Mo’s incredible strike is not only better than his previous award-winning goal. It’s almost a certainty he will win the second Puskas Award of his career when the time comes to pick a winner. What surprises me the most is that Salah gives us the feeling he is only getting started with what can possibly become the most important season of his career.