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Salah and Mane mend their personal issues from 2019

Mohamed Salah & Sadio Mane - Liverpool
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There was a time in which Mo Salah and Sadio Mane had some evident personal issues but someone seems to think they fixed them. 

There was a time when Mo Salah and Sadio Mane didn’t seem happy with each other at Liverpool FC. They allegedly had a falling out that tampered with Liverpool’s chances to fight for more titles. During matches, there were moments in which one could tell they refused passing the ball to each other. This made rumors run rampant about their relationship and some of the club’s staff had to come out to deny any claims.

It appears that the current season has given them the time to mend their relationship. As of now, Liverpool remains undefeated in the Premier League with both players completely locked in. Salah is probably having the best performances of his career and Mane is also very involved. If they continue like this, there will be no club that can stop them this season. 

Ian Wright thinks the problems are over. 

During an interview with Premier League productions, Ian Wright spoke about these issues between Mane and Salah: “When I watch them now, you can always tell with the strikers if they celebrate with each other. If they celebrate with each other, then you know that it is fine. And they do, they do celebrate with each other. I think there was a time when Mane came off [ Burnley in 2019]. They have obviously sorted that out now.

“Now you see them looking for each other. You do see them looking for each other sometimes. Mo says he is a winger but then he does show traits of being a striker. There are times where I see that he could have passed, but I say to myself ‘I wouldn’t have passed that’. He’s somebody that, when you get in the box, I wouldn’t complain about or call selfish because Mo Salah scores and he assists. When he doesn’t pass to you, you know he will at some stage.”