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Sadio Mane blasted for ‘disrespecting’ Klopp

Mane, Klopp
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Liverpool might have won against Manchester United but a major talking point was the fact that Sadio Mane appeared to snub manager Jurgen Klopp.

Former Liverpool manager Graeme Souness has described Sadio Mane’s gesture towards Jurgen Klopp after their 4-2 win over Manchester United as disrespectful to the coach and the club.

Klopp, in a celebratory mood after the match, approached Mane for a handshake but the 2019 Africa Footballer of the Year snubbed him and shook his head while walking past him.

Mane was seemingly unhappy to have started Thursday’s encounter on the bench as Diogo Jota got the nod ahead of him.

Although Klopp has downplayed the situation by claiming ‘there is no problem’, Souness, who also managed the Reds, said Mane should have shown a bit of respect after the team’s hard fought victory at Old Trafford.

“It’s disrespectful. It’s never happened to me but if I were the manager, I would not be happy,” Souness told Sky Sports. “I think he should have shaken his hand, he didn’t want to cuddle, but you should show a bit of respect. It’s most importantly disrespectful to the football club.

“Yeah, he’s not happy at being left out, but can he really argue? He’s not had a great season, how can he argue with the fact he’s been a sub and Liverpool have won 4-2 at Old Trafford which is not a happy hunting ground for them.”

Former Manchester United star Roy Keane echoed Souness’ remarks but he questioned the manager’s gesture of shaking the hands of both his players and the opposition at the end of every game.

“The player is out of order, but there’s a new trend among managers – going on the pitch, giving everyone high fives. When I was a player, I didn’t want the manager giving me high fives,” Keane added.