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Rooney signals the United player who will lead the squad

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Wayne Rooney is thrilled with Manchester United’s moment but he thinks a single player is the one who might lead them to win the title. 

Wayne Rooney hasn’t been this happy about Manchester United in a long time. The Red Devils are currently top of the league but they have to keep themselves competitive if they want to defeat the opposition. Playing in a league where you have to face the best version of clubs like Manchester City or Liverpool is a titanic challenge. Wayne Rooney knows the difficulties but he still has a good feeling about the chances his former club has.

In a press conference as Derby County’s manager, Wayne wanted to toss a prediction about this season’s title. Plus, he also singled out a specific player who can lead the Red Devils to glory. To everyone’s surprise, this player might not be who everybody thinks it is. As time keeps going by in recent weeks, we are starting to see Paul Pogba play similar to how he did for Juventus. Those long-distance goals are a Pogba special.

For Rooney, Pogba is the key. 

In a press conference picked up by Express, Wayne Rooney surprised everybody by singling out Paul Pogba above other players like Bruno or Rashford: “The last few years Man United haven’t been ready to challenge for the title. Now I think they’ve built a squad of players, Bruno Fernandes coming in has helped massively, Edinson Cavani with that winning mentality has helped massively.

“Now the squad is challenging for a Premier League title. I said six weeks ago, to the coaches in the office, I felt Man United will win the league. I still feel that today. And Paul Pogba will have a massive part to play in that. As you’ve said about the pressure, they’ve brought players in with winning mentalities who will relieve that pressure on Paul and he can do what he does best and show his quality on the pitch.”